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Сертификат на безопасность использования

Joint innovative project

  1. An Innovation partnership in the field of the manufacture of medical products preventing reproduction of bacteria and various forms of infections with the aim to provide sale on the World’s market.
  2. The proposed form of the innovative cooperation and of the partnership is to organize joint work for providing commercialization of the *** Patent for the invention “ANTIMICROBIAL medical elastic/compressive PERFORATED band”.
  3. For carrying out the joint work aimed at the commercialization of the “Project”, a government/mercantile juridical person interested in the Project on the territory of the European Union/USA/China is required.
  4. The plan of measures to be taken on the territory European Union/ USA/ China to carry out the joint work for commercializing the Project “ANTIMICROBIAL medical elastic/compressive PERFORATED band”:
    • Implementing a technologically-ready solution or the development of a new technology of applying an antimicrobial additive onto the band in the production process while using synthetic threads providing the antimicrobial effect;
    • Commercialization of the innovative medical product on the territory of the European Union/USA/China.

*** The patent application No. EP 18 841 105.2З was filed on February 27, 2020 at the European Patent Office.

*** The patent application No. 16/632, 606 was filed on January 21, 2020 at the US Patent Office.

*** The patent application No. 201880049431.3 was filed at the Patent Office of the People’s Republic of China.