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Сертификат на безопасность использования

The ANTIMICROBIAL elastic PERFORATED (LR) BANDAGE means what is given below:

  • The 20-years protection by a patent for an invention on the territory of the European Union/ USA/ China***.
  • At the purchase of the patent for an invention, we provide for a complete production technology, for training working personnel, for production technical specifications, for raw stuff technical characteristics and composition and for launching of products.
  • An exclusive manufacturer and vendor in the European Union.
  • A very low production net cost.
  • Field of application: medicine, sports.
  • Antimicrobial properties + Perforations (“The (LR) bandage breathes” – The exclusive patented properties of the (LR) bandage are required today by the World’s market in the considered category of goods.
  • The wide field of application of the elastic bandages in medicine enables the “LR” bandage to get its part of sale on the World’s market.
  • A wide use of elastic bandages in sports (professional/amateurs), in tourism, fitness will provide its part of sale on the World’s market. The technical possibilities of knitting colored bands in the (LR) bandage will attract the interest of young people.
    The exclusive (LR) bandage is of interest for world’s manufacturers of sport goods, such as Adidas, Nike, etc.
  • The structural particularities of the bandage show higher service indices compared to those of the bandages manufactured in the world, thanks to the increased index of shape stability and resistance to wear.

*** The patent application No. EP 18 841 105.2З was filed on February 27, 2020 at the European Patent Office.

*** The patent application No. 16/632, 606 was filed on January 21, 2020 at the US Patent Office.

*** The patent application No. 201880049431.3 was filed at the Patent Office of the People’s Republic of China.