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Elastic / compressive perforated medical bandage

Elastic perforated medical supports

Certificate of security in use

Consumer groups of WOOLGALAXY® products (belts and supports)

  • People of elder generations, disabled (categories of people having diseases of joints, radiculitis, cystitis, prostatitis, diseases of the urogenital system, of kidneys, etc.): to treat and to alleviate the course of various chronic diseases and to prevent progress of complications after a disease, as well as to minimize aftereffects within the rehabilitation period, after enduring traumas and operations.
  • Young generation: prevention and treatment of acute catarrhal and inflammatory diseases, primarily urogenital diseases. They are provided as components of warming underwear. A particular line of products for young people “Bright life style” has been designed and produced.
  • Professional hunters and fishermen that use belts and supports as components of a warming fitting out.
  • People having an active way of life (tourism, nonprofessional sports, fitness, etc.): application of belts and supports as an additional sport fitting out that minimizes the risks of supercooling or traumas when going in for sport.
  • The field of professional and amateur sports: application of the products as an additional professional means to improve the general physical condition of a sportsman and his efficiency during competitions. A professional report on the application in sports with the description of performances and results will be ready at the end of September 2019.
  • The field of professional work related to hard weather or job conditions where the goods are used to treat and to prevent: professional diseases, radiculitis, chronic forms of cystitis, prostatitis, catarrhal diseases of the urogenital system, kidneys, etc. They favor minor number of sick lists, minor payments of sick allowances by insurance companies and employers.