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Elastic / compressive perforated medical bandage

Elastic perforated medical supports

Certificate of security in use

Elastic / compressive perforated medical bandage

Sale of a Patent application (Patent Cooperation Treaty) / a Patent for the invention “Elastic / compressive perforated medical bandage” on a territory / on territories making part of the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

At the purchase of the Patent application (according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty) / of the patent for an invention, we provide for a complete production technology, for training working personnel, for production technical specifications, for raw stuff technical characteristics and composition and for launching of products.

The fundamental differences of our innovative elastic/compressive medical bandages compared to analogous ones existing in the World:

  • Hyperpermeability to air (reduction/exclusion of the perspiration of cutaneous integuments below the bandage, of accumulation of pathogenic micro-organisms, of infection spreading). A medical bandage “breathes” (allowing air access);
  • Low cost**
  • It is adapted to a long-term use by the patient outside clinical establishments (the extremities are provided with an increased interchange of air, sweeting being prevented/reduced);
  • The perforation of the compressive medical bandage “operates” particularly efficiently in hot or humid climatic zones, and the extremely high air permeability due to a precisely calculated number of holes in the cloth allows inhibition of the perspiration or minimizes it;
  • The bandage compression effort can vary depending on the number of perforations (holes) rows on the bandage width, which makes it possible to get it flexibly adapted to the demands of a customer and to the conditions of application.
  • An application is filed for PCT patent registrations on the territories of all the states members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (152 states).
    It enables us to provide protection of products and technologies and to be present on the market of a territory/territories (depending on the number of territories covered by the patent) as an exclusive producer and vendor.

** The cost calculation (on the basis of raw materials) of 1 linear meter of elastic perforated medical bandage “ALEX2017”, 8 cm width, with middle extensibility:

  • Cotton: 68% (24 grs) = 0.07 EURO
  • Polyester: 16% (5.5 grs) = 0.01 EURO
  • Latex: 16% (5.5 grs) = 0.02 EURO

Total: 0.1 EURO

The cost (on the basis of raw materials) of 1 linear meter of bandage, 8 cm width, with middle extensibility = 0.1 EURO.

** The raw material component prices on the territory of Russia.

Production capacity of one machine-tool is 150000-180000 linear meters per month.

One qualified worker operates 3 machine-tools.

6 machine-tools are placed on 100 square meters of a production room.

The elastic/compressive perforated bandages represent a world’s exclusive medical product:

  • The number of perforation/hole rows on the bandage width adjusts compression;
  • Hyperpermeability to air;
  • Increase of the remission time period in patients with chronic diseases;
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of acute diseases;
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of traumas of upper and lower limbs;

At website you can get acquainted in more details with the application/use/specifications of the elastic/compressive perforated medical bandages.

The elastic perforated medical bandage

The elastic perforated medical bandage ALEX 2017