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Elastic / compressive perforated medical bandage

Elastic perforated medical supports

Certificate of security in use

Elastic perforated medical supports

Sale of a Patent application (Patent Cooperation Treaty) / a Patent for the invention “Elastic perforated medical supports” on a territory / on territories making part of the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

At the purchase of the Patent application (according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty) / of the patent for an invention, we provide for a complete production technology, for training working personnel, for production technical specifications, for raw stuff technical characteristics and composition and for launching of products.

A world innovation presented as elastic perforated medical supports provides for the following:

  • The supports contain camel and/or alpaca wool;
  • A controlled warming effect depending on the number of perforations (holes) rows on the band width makes it possible to get flexibly adapted to the demands of a customer and to the conditions of application;
  • Thanks to an innovative patented technology of knitting, a controlled massage effect allows the simultaneous use of up to 18 various kinds of woolen yarn with a different composition (type of wool, length and fineness of woolen fibers) and having different metric counts.
  • An application is filed for PCT patent registrations on the territories of all the states members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (152 states).
    It enables us to provide protection of products and technologies and to be present on the market of a territory/territories (depending on the number of territories covered by the patent) as an exclusive producer and vendor.
  • Removal or attenuation of the pain syndrome;
  • Treatment and prophylaxis of acute diseases;
  • Increase of the remittance time in patients with chronic diseases;
  • Warming and massage effects of muscles and of articular ligaments before competitions that exert an influence on the physical condition of a sportsman and on the result of his (her) performance (in sports);
  • Low cost**

Security of the products is attested by a report of the Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH Company No FUTXP2018-04559 - E 03.07.2018

** Calculation for the production (on the basis of raw materials) of 1 linear meter of elastic jersey fabric (27 cm width) serving to sew “Elastic perforated medical supports”:

  • Wool yarn (containing camel and/or alpaca wool) – 80%
  • Polyester – 8%
  • Latex – 12%

Total: = 1,5 €

The prime cost of one running meter of elastic knitted cloth (27 cm width) used to sew together medical elastic warming perforated supports containing camel wool or alpaca wool starts from 1.5 Euros, depending on the composition of the wool-containing yarn.

Capacity of one machine-tool is 33,000- 38,000 linear meters per month.

One qualified worker operates 3 machine-tools.

6 machine-tools are placed on 100 square meters of a production room.

One running meter of elastic perforated cloth is enough to sew one belt and one knee-guard for a man with the M clothing size.

At website you can get acquainted in more details with the application /use/ specifications of the “Elastic perforated medical supports”.

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